Get Your Swimming Pool Summer Ready

Is your swimming pool summer ready? If you’re like most pool owners, you will want to ensure your pool is cleaned and in top condition before you dive in.

Lady and baby in swimming pool

Halogen Pools are the preferred pool service agent of Rackley Swimming. They are experts in everything surrounding pools, including service, maintenance, cleaning, robotics, equipment repairs, heaters, and blankets for both residential and commercial customers. That’s why we teamed up with Halogen Pools to put together your summer pool checklist.

In addition to regular pool maintenance, private swimming lessons are also an important aspect of keeping your pool safe and enjoyable for all. Rackley Swimming offers private swimming lessons for adults and children, taught by experienced instructors who can help improve your swimming technique and overall safety in the water.

Top pool maintenance tips

No one wants to jump into a dirty or unhealthy pool this season. To ensure your swimming pool maintenance is up to scratch, here are the top 5 tips you need to know from Halogen Pools.

1. Invest in a robot

Robotic cleaners can clean your swimming pools to the same standard as a commercial pool. They are also great time savers and with enhanced features they can complete pool cleaning without getting stuck in a corner of your pool floor. We have solutions to suit all budgets, and that although it’s an investment it’s worthwhile as it will return its value in keeping your pool in top condition.

2. Test your pool water pH levels

Not only should you be testing your chlorine levels, but you should also check your pool pH level. To do this is to get a sample of your pool water and take it to your local pool specialists. They can test the level of your pool chemicals and pH level in just minutes.

You can also get your pH water levels tested by a mobile pool technician from Halogen who can come to your home and do the testing for you.

3. Pick the right pool salt

When you use the wrong pool salt you will find that you have stains on your pool and it can result in an impurity build up.

The difference between good and bad pool salt is in the quality and price. Good quality salt will be more expensive but will reduce staining and mineral build up in your swimming pool. Cheaper salt has a higher moisture content and contains more unknown impurities that will cause further damage to your equipment and pool. 

A few tell-tale signs for superior quality pool salt are:

  • Salt that quickly dissolves
  • 99.5% purity level
  • Brilliant white colouring
  • Small salt crystals

4. Consider minerals

Consider the benefits of a mineral conversion for your swimming pool. When added to your water, minerals (such as magnesium) can:

  • Help soothe and relax your muscles
  • Make the pool water feel silky 
  • Cause less skin or eye irritation
  • Cause less discolouration for your clothes
  • Are less abrasive on your pool and pool equipment

5. Complete a full pool equipment check

When coming into summer, you should perform an entire check on your swimming pool and pool equipment. Ideally this checklist should be on a monthly basis. 

Some essential steps you should perform include:

  1. Empty your skimmer box
  2. Clean your filter system
  3. Check salt chlorinator levels
  4. Inspect pool shell for stains and marks
  5. Trim any plants surrounding your pool area
  6. Remove all the leaves and debris from the water

Is your pool summer ready?

Now that you have all you need to tick off your swimming pool maintenance checklist, you can be ready to enjoy your pool this season.

If you happen to be living in Brisbane, Rackley Swimming offers swimming lessons in Brisbane for people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced swimmer looking to improve your technique, our experienced instructors can help you achieve your goals. We offer group and private squad swimming lessons, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs and schedule.

Keeping your pool maintenance up year-round is important if you want a healthy swimming pool. If you’re unsure how to get your pool ready for summer or need help going from green to clean, Halogen Pools can help, click here to learn more.