Exiting the pool safely

Baby Splash Program: Exiting the pool is a safety skill that is important for identifying the variety of exit points in a pool.

woman taking baby out of pool and handing it over to another woman

As discussed with entering a pool, the same safety issues are managed to reduce the risk of a startled baby and any injury. Planning an exit is just as important as the entry.

Other factors to consider are the change of temperature when leaving the warm water, and moving into the cooler temperature of the air. If there is a cool breeze blowing across a wet body, your baby will quickly let you know if they are uncomfortable.

Place your towels poolside so they are ready as soon as you leave the pool. During the cooler months, consider wrapping up your baby’s towel in a hot water bottle for a quick warm wrap around.

Stairs, ramp and beach exits are the easiest way to move through the water. You are able to support your baby in a secure hold into the warmth of their awaiting towel. When using the ladder, place your baby back onto the poolside change mat and climb the ladder, keeping an eye on your baby all the way.

When exiting along the wall of the pool, place your baby onto the poolside change mat before climbing onto the edge, elbow, elbow, tummy, knee, knee.

As your baby starts to move on land, we introduce the skill of independently entering the pool.