Top 7 Crazy Swimming Hacks That You Need to Know

From green hair to keeping your pool clean, there are some wild and wacky pool hacks that you can try out at home or next time that you go to the pool.

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Top Swimming Hacks

Whether you are planning to host a kid’s party, or just preparing for the season ahead, there are some fun and simple ways that you can transform your swimming experience.

These swimming hacks are guaranteed to make your summer a blast:

1. DIY towel rack

Find it hard to keep your swimming towels dry and ready for the next time your kids jump in the pool? You can make your own DIY towel rack for a designated towel drying area for every time your kids get home from the pool or to place near your own pool.

To make this, you can use PVC pipes and connectors to create a rack. Alternatively, you can use an old pool ladder in a well-ventilated area to ensure you don’t have musty towels.

2. Tennis ball in your skimmer box

If your home pool is getting a lot of use, you might find it’s getting dirtier quicker. If you put a tennis ball in your skimmer box, it can help absorb surface oils left behind from sunscreen or other products and give your pool cleaner some assistance.

3. Night swimming lights

If you are trying to avoid the hot summer sun during the day and want to go for a night swim, you can create your own night lights and lanterns. Buy some glow sticks to throw to the bottom of your pool, it can create a bonus game with your kids to see who can collect the most glow sticks by swimming underwater. 

4. Use a waterproof bag

Keep reusable plastic bags in your pool bag to store your phone, keys, and wallet next time you go to the pool to ensure they don’t get wet.

5. Noodle sprinkler

Create your own fun sprinklers with an old pool noodle. For this you need a pool noodle, a garden hose, some tape, foil, and a pair of scissors.

  1. First, cut some small holes along your pool noodle
  2. Next, insert the hose into one end of the noodle.
  3. Then, use tape to secure the hose and ensure it doesn’t leak.
  4. On the end you want to close off, scrunch a ball of foil and place it at the end of the noodle. Use tape to seal this off (the foil will prevent water from busting through the tape).
  5. Turn on the tap and have some fun!

You can even connect more than one pool noodle with some tape to create a circle sprinkler or let your imagination go wild and see what you end up creating.

6. Avoid green hair with tomato sauce

If you have blonde or light-coloured hair, you may notice a green tinge after you’ve spent some time in the pool. This is due to the chlorine and copper minerals present in the pool bonding together and sticking in your hair.

To avoid this, you can use tomato sauce next time you have a shower. First you need to rinse your hair, then apply the tomato sauce and leave it in for 10-20 minutes on any affected areas. Next, rinse your hair and shampoo and condition as usual.

7. Book in swimming lessons!

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